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Children at work 1

Children at work 2

Children at work 3

Children at work 4

Children at work 5

Seymour Simon pic 1

Seymour Simon pic 2

Seymour Simon pic 3

Seymour Simon pic 4

Mummy Run Photo 1

Mummy Run Photo 2

Mummy Run Photo 3

Mummy Run Photo 4

Mummy Run Photo 5

Mummy Run Photo 6

Winter Book Club Pic 1

Winter Book Club Pic 2

Winter Book Club 3

Winter Book Club 4

Winter Book Club 5

Grandparents Day 1

Grandparents Day 2

Grandparents Day 3

Grandparents Day 4

Grandparents Day 5

Calling all kindergartners for the 2016-2017 school year!

If you have a child who will be attending 7DE as a Kindergarten student next year, please email the Ms. Mueller in the office to receive a pre-registration form ( Also, please share this information with community members who might not receive the message but who have children of Kindergarten age for the 2016-2017 academic year. Keep in mind a child entering Kindergarten for the 2016-2017 must turn five by September 1st.

  USA Science and Engineering Festival Link

The staff at SDE strives to promote an authentic, student-centered instructional program focused on developing students’ communication, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in order to prepare them for a globally competitive society. 


Vision Statement


Seventh District will prepare today’s learners to become tomorrow’s leaders in a globally competitive society.  We envision a self-reflective culture of learning that promotes communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Educators will facilitate authentic, student-centered instruction that embraces the diversity of all students. Together students, parents, teachers and community members will empower students who are committed to lifelong learning. 



Use this link to complete the training.

Volunteer Training

The training should only take five to six minutes.


Once you have completed the training, click on "Get a certificate of completion" to print a copy that can be used at any BCPS school. If you are not able to print a copy of the certificate, have the school’s volunteer coordinator, Ms. Mueller, verify your completion of the orientation.

Monthly Newsletter

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Mrs. Mary Ann Rigopoulous is serving as our interim principal. Her email address is

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Meet Our Agents: Staff Introduction Video from Back To School Night. Click on the link below to watch at home. 

Back to School Night Staff Video