Practice Your Science Skills!


Type of Activity

Name of Activity

Animals/ Plants

Information, videos and games about many animals

National Geographic Creature Feature

Animal pictures and slide shows

Animal Planet Animal Pictures

Photos, video and info. about animals at the San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo’s ‘Animal Bytes’


Classify animals into groups in this game

Science Interactives

Chesapeake Bay

Interactive multimedia site with videos, quests and games


Food Chain

Animation and game about food chains

Chain Reaction


Identify parts of different plant and animal cells

Cell Inspector


Review solids, liquids and gases, then match terms

Materials – Solids, Liquids and Gases


Choose level of difficulty and complete crossword puzzle

Weather Crossword Puzzle

Natural Disasters

Label a flood, hurricane, tornado, etc.

Label the natural disaster


Information and interactive activities about Earth, solar system, space, aircraft

NASA for Kids

Online Field trips

Online field trips according to grade level state standards

Education Place, Discovery Works

Presentations and discovery activities about space, some animals, Charles Darwin

Science Explorations

Science Reference

Online Dictionary for kids

Enchanted Learning Dictionary

Science News articles

Science News for Kids

Science Fair

Science Fair project ideas & help

Science Buddies