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     Welcome to the Counselor's Corner. There are 3 goals of school counseling: 1.)  to enable students to experience school success, 2.) to enable students to develop career awareness and decision-making competencies, and 3.) to assist students in understanding and respecting self and others. The goals of counseling are met through individual counseling, group counseling, classroom guidance, and consultation with parents and teachers. This website is here to provide resources to students and parents in the areas of social and emotional development, as well as academic needs. If you have a specific question regarding your child/children, please contact me by phone or email. Additionally, if you are need of a resource that is not listed on this site, I will be happy to provide it for you. I hope that you and your family find these resources helpful.
If you need information on a topic not provided please contact me by phone or email.
Autism Spectrum Disorders   Support for students with a loved one suffering from cancer.   Helpful website that addresses a variety of topics from anxiety to organization.  

If you have a problem that you want to talk about email me or stop in my office! I hope you find these websites useful.

The Hereford Zone Safety Advisory Committee is comprised of members of the school community including parents, teachers, guidance counselors and administrators.

No Bully Zone 


The mission of the Hereford Zone Safety Advisory Committee is to plan, coordinate, educate, and provide events to improve the overall safety of the students and families living in the communities within the Hereford Zone.

Our areas of focus includes anti-bullying and cyber-safety initiatives. The school-based websites will serve as a communication platform for any current or up-to-date information that supports these initiatives.


"What Parents Need to Know About Bullying" by Gretchen Vassar
What Parents Need to Know About Bullying2.pdf

Anti-bullying Pledge “Where You Are Not Alone”:

Statistics and general information on Cyber-bullying:

Cyber-safety Links: